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What not to do when eliminating spiders in your home.

So, let’s talk about what not to do when eliminating spiders in your home. Spiders, those little creepers no one likes, most of us break into a sweat at the mere sight.  What most people don’t realise is some spiders are good to have around your home and others you don’t want. Either way, there are some vital do’s and…

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The Signs Of Termite Damage In Your Home

Termites cause over 1 billion dollars in damages across Australia every year. Termite damage repair bills run higher than storms, fires, and burglaries combined, which is why your homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover you for termites. To protect your most significant financial investment, every homeowner must understand how to recognise the signs of termite damage in their home. Data from…

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Why is winter the best time for a Termite Inspection?

Termite control is a year round process, as termites are always active. Termites are attracted by moisture, so things like leaking pipes are not just an issue for your water bill, but an invitation for termites to set up residence in your home.  An inspection during winter will locate where termites are feeding. Remember they are still active and hungry…

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The Perfect Rodent Storm – Rat Infestations Set To Increase Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns

When I was in school as a kid, we went on a field trip to the local nature reserve.  It was exciting because our tour guide was going to be none other than the local weather guy on the news.  It was kind of special, meeting someone in person, who we saw on the news every night.  Even though it…

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Professional Pest Control vs. Store Bought Bug Bombs

The key differences between professional pest control and D.I.Y store bought pest control are safety and effectiveness. A Sydney family who nearly died in a home explosion as a result of misusing store bought bug bombs on Easter Sunday, is a clear example of how unsafe store bought pest control can be, particularly when you don’t stick to the manufacturers…

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COVID-19 Policy Update

Yes, SWATAPEST is still open for business and carrying out all forms of pest control services to homes/businesses within the Perth/Peel regions. However, we have changed dramatically the way we carry out treatments to properties during this unprecedented time dealing with the Corona Virus. We appreciate your understanding. 1. Treatments to the inside of your home will only be carried…

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