Common House Spiders In Perth

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House Spiders Perth

House spiders are incredibly common pests that can be found across most properties in Perth. Spiders can have some benefits around the house, including eating insects around the home, office and garden, however, they can also pose a serious danger to people and animals. We offer professional spider pest control in Perth that is the safest and most effective pest control method for families and pets.

It is worth knowing the importance of regular pest treatment, such as Swat A Pest’s Platinum Life Client Program, where your home is proactively treated, meaning we plan ahead and treat your home before they become a problem. This means we are using 1/3 of the chemical and completed the job in 1/3 of the time ordinarily taken during a normal treatment. The benefit to you is you only pay 1/3 of the price you would ordinarily pay and remain generally pest-free all year long!

There are numerous species of spiders across Australia. Spiders can often be found in uninhabited or remote places on your property, including basements, garages and storerooms. Here are some common house spiders in Perth that are seen in homes and businesses.

Redback Spider

Redback spiders are known for being highly venomous with a potentially fatal bite. Female redback spiders have the notable red racing stripe on their back, while the male redback spiders have a combination of yellow and white markings.

Redback spiders are commonly found in urban areas, often in dry, sheltered places such as garden sheds, mailboxes and even under toilet seats!

Black House Spider

Black house spiders are dark, robust and timid spiders. While bites from them are infrequent, their bites may be quite painful and cause local swelling.

They have a dark appearance with black legs and a dark brown back and abdomen. The female black house spider is identifiable by being larger than the male. These spiders mostly inhabit buildings, window corners, rock walls and tree trunks.

Whitetail Spider

Whitetail spiders are incredibly dangerous, as their bite can cause severe skin ulceration in humans.

They have a dark grey, cigar-shaped body and dark brown legs. They are often identified by the two faint white spots on their grey abdomen (less noticeable in adults), and the white spot on their lower back.

Whitetail spiders are vagrant hunters that can be found beneath bark, rocks, bush shrub and houses. Spider pest control must be placed in correct areas to be effective whilst avoiding harm to family members and pets. Our professional pest control technicians at Swat A Pest will always do this.

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spiders are large grey to brown, long-legged spiders.

These spiders are often found living under loose bark on trees, in crevices on rock walls and in logs and under rocks. Even though huntsman spiders look scary, they are not considered to be dangerous spiders, as they are more likely to run away than bite a human.

Daddy Long Leg Spiders

Daddy long leg spiders are harmless thin, long-legged spiders that are commonly found in most Australian households. Daddy long leg spiders can often be found where they make their webs, around built structures like houses, sheds or garages.

Signs Of Spider Infestation

Signs of a spider infestation on a residential or commercial property can be a major cause for concern, especially when there are venomous spiders that can threaten the safety of people and pets.

The common signs of a spider infestation include: 

  • Spider webs: The most common sign is spider webs. Untouched walls, ceilings and window corners are a very common site for cobwebs.
  • Spider eggs: Spiders often mate during the autumn season, when the temperature starts to get cooler. The eggs are laid into a silken egg sac that can contain up to 100 eggs. Hatched spider egg sacs can regularly cause a spider infestation. 
  • More spiders and other insects: If more spiders appear on your property than usual, it could mean they are multiplying and hiding on the premises. An increase in spiders could also mean they are drawn to a new food source, which can often be another type of pest. 

What Attracts Spiders In The House

A spider’s living conditions vary from species to species. They are often attracted to spaces that provide shelter and a close food source.

Some of the things that attract spiders inside or close to the house include: 

  • Higher humidity levels. 
  • A well fed and flourishing garden or backyard.
  • Small sources of food.

Cost Of Spider Infestation Control

The best time to treat spiders is in Spring. Have a professional come and do a routine spider pest control inspection or treatment to control and keep away unwanted house spiders. At Swat A Pest, we can help to protect your property against spiders infestations in Perth. 

Swat A Pest uses the safest and effective pest control methods best suited to your property. If you have a spider infestation, you should always contact a professional.

Prevention is always the best approach, therefore engaging a professional pest control company to provide regular treatments is more effective than treating an infestation. Swat A Pest offers Platinum Life Client Programs that are designed for regular pest maintenance treatments. This uses fewer chemicals and keeps unwanted and dangerous spiders and other pests away!

Swat-A-Pest always prefers non-invasive and environmentally friendly spider control methods for residential pest control or commercial pest control. For professional service and advice, contact Swat A Pest today!

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