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PLATINUM LIFE PACKAGE – Revolutionising the Pest Control Process

One of the greatest challenges facing the pest management industry is that in the attempt to make chemicals safer for all of us, their effectiveness or longevity had to be compromised.  Many chemicals of old have now been banned due to their potential harm, which is a great thing, but what didn’t change was the way that pest technicians managed the pests around your home.  So whilst pest products/chemicals changed the pest management industry as a whole did not.  That gap is what we believe is keeping you from achieving what you ultimately want!!!  It’s time to change the way pest management is done to suit the products that are used today.

Years ago, one would have a pest treatment and not see any pests for a long time.  Today all chemicals used for a pest treatment are biodegradable which means that overtime (a few months) they will no longer be effective and the pests return to the home.  We have used this very basic truth about pest products to launch our Platinum Life Package in order to provide you with what you really want – a pest free home all year long!!!

How does it work? We start by carrying out a thorough pest treatment to both the inside and outside of your home for up to 38 of the most common pests found in Perth.  We carry out up to 4 treatments per year (depending on package you select) to top-up and keep your pest protection up-to-date so that your home remains free of general pests for life. You never have to worry about those creepy crawlies ever again!!

Your initial set up is only $245 which includes a thorough treatment inside and outside for up to 38 different species of pests ($870 value). Then select the package that suits your budget and we will keep your pests at bay so you never have to worry about general pests again.

To rid creepy crawlies from your home for life, call us today on 9277 0960

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