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  • Pre Purchase Termite Inspection


    Pre-Purchase Inspection – Standard: Inspection carried out to AS4349.3, includes roof, subfloor (if applicable), all internal and external areas within 30m of home structure. Includes inspection for termites, borers and fungal decay.

    Pre-Purchase Inspection – plus T3i upgrade: We will carry out a thermal scan of any applicable walls and ceiling. We will also carry out a microwave scan of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry cupboards to determine if termites are close.

    Pre-Purchase Inspection – Plus major upgrade: We will also carry out a moisture test to all walls of the house, a sound test of every accessible timber and a microwave test of all external walls of the home to determine if activity exists hidden in the walls.

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  • Termite Inspections


    Annual Termite Check: Inspection carried out to AS3660.2, includes roof, subfloor (if applicable), all internal and external areas of the home, patios, garages, sheds, workshops, timber fencing all within 30meters of the house.

    Optional Extras:

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