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Silverfish Control Perth

When you first find signs of silverfish, it is important to get good silverfish control strategies in place. An infestation can cause a lot of damage. 

Did you know a silverfish infestation in the home will consume any matter that contains carbohydrates or protein? This includes: 

  • Matter such as glue
  • Book bindings
  • Plaster, paints, paper
  • Sugar, coffee 
  • Carpet, clothing, and tapestries. 

They will also eat damp textiles or organic matter. Silverfish are hard to stop due to being able to survive for a year or more without having any food!

Swat-A-Pest will apply treatment to all skirtings, floors, bookcases or any other likely location found. We also treat the roof space and cavity walls to ensure full eradication. 


Silverfish are a small wingless insect with a flat carrot-shaped body with silver and grey scales. They also have 3 “tail-like” appendages and 2 antennae on their heads.

When the silverfish insect invades a home they often live in:

  • Carpet & bathrooms
  • Clothing & beds
  • Pantries & storage spaces.

Silverfish are active during the night and will hide throughout the day, making them hard to detect until there is a problem:

  • They will make quick movements then stop for short intervals before moving on again. 
  • They will avoid direct sunlight and if an object is moved where they are hiding, they will move rapidly to hide in a spot where there is no sunlight.

Silverfish Pest Control Cost