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We’re a family-owned pest control business proudly located in Kelmscott, WA. We provide pest control services including termite inspections, termite barriers, and pet-friendly pest control for a wide range of pests. Kelmscott is victim to a variety of pest infections due to our high population density and proximity to bushland. This means we have a stronger need for termite inspections, cockroach control, and ant eradication. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help rid your Kelmscott property of any pest!



Our Company History

Pest Control Services throughout Perth metro and regional Western Australia

Swatapest have been providing professional pest control and eradication services throughout Perth and regional Western Australia for over ten years.

People Choose Us

We provide pet friendly and eco friendly pest control services, as our pets and the environment are of paramount importance.

Quality And Reliability

As a family owned and operated business, we care for your family and the environment.

Honest, Affordable Quotes

All quotes are provided by our highly trained pest specialist team, ensuring you receive an honest and fair quote for the works to be carried out.

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Finding Termites Where No Other Pest Company Can

Termites munching away at your home or business? Leave them to Swatbot – Swatapest’s exclusive, cutting-edge termite inspection and treatment solution! Using advanced technologies, Swatbot’s real-time inspections of hard-to-reach areas evicts termites hidden in spaces inaccessible to human technicians. Say goodbye to termite troubles with the Swatbot.

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