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Safe Wasp Removal

Paper wasps are the most common wasp in Perth and they are also the most predatory.  

Wasps have the ability to sting more than once and people often have an allergic reaction, so removal of any wasp nest around your home is important.  

Are hornets the same as wasps? Yes, they are! Removal of these nests are just as important. Any wasp nest should be removed by a professional. 

Swatapest offer safe and effective wasp extermination around the Perth Metro area. 


A wasp is characterised by having two pairs of wings with few or no hair (in contrast to bees).  

There are various species of wasps and they fall into one of two main categories, either a solitary wasp or a social wasp. 

An adult solitary wasp will live and operate alone and do not construct nests. All adult social wasps live in a colony and build nests.

Wasps can either be nectar feeders, predators or parasites.  

Several species of paper wasps are found in Australia, however, only the yellow paper wasp and the common paper wasp are widespread in south-west Western Australia (WA). Both are introduced species, not native to WA.

You will always find wasps in any area where there is adequate food supply for them, particularly where there are plenty of flowering plants. 

As with most other insects, there tends to be a greater abundance of species during the warmer months of the year.

Wasp Nests

  • Wasp nests are often in sheltered spots, under eaves, roof tiles and gutters. 
  • Wasp nests usually appear paper-like and tend to be spherical.
  • Usually, you will be able to see wasps moving in and out of the nest.

Wasp Control 

When you find more bees and wasps than you consider to be reasonable, this is usually a sign you may have an infestation. 

Swatapest has a unique focus on safe removal and relocation where possible. If your wasp nest is harmless and native, we will do our best to relocate them to a safer place. 

When it comes to bee removal, our Danny Bee Good Bee Farm offers safe relocation to preserve the bee population where ever possible. 

Wasp Nest Removal Cost 

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