Danny Bee Good Bee Farm

danny bee good bee farm perth
danny bee good bee farm perth

Danny Bee Good Bee Farm was founded by a second-generation beekeeper, having first put on the bee-suit helping his dad at the family farm as a young child.  

“We supplied so many families in the local area with their honey for the year.  It was a great feeling knowing that not only were we extracting a lot of honey, we were also helping the crops to grow.  Oh, and did I mention I LOVE honey … quote by Danny.  

Pest controllers get a bad reputation and to some extent, it’s warranted.  

By destroying much-needed insects that help keep humanity alive, we are altering the eco-system at large.  

Whilst some pests are a nuisance, others destroy, others are dangerous and yet others, such as bees play a vital role in human survival.  

Therefore, at Swatapest we take a different approach to dealing with bees. Thus, introducing our very own bee farm.

Danny Bee Good Bee Farm has been called out to over 1,000 swarms in the past five years alone.  

We are always expanding and soon hope to double our existing hive count.  

Bee Farm Perth

Many believe that you put bees in a box in your backyard, and honey miraculously ends up in a jar on the shelf.  This is simply not the case.  

Our bee farm provides a safe haven for many colonies of bees and a wide range of natural honey, available to purchase in our online shop.

Bee Pollination 

Our bee farm offers bee pollination services. Do you have fruits, vegetables, nuts that need pollinating?  Bees can increase your production yield substantially. Some studies suggest that by having bees in your orchard, you can increase the yield by more than 60%.  

Do you want to increase your yield without the hassle of having to keep and maintain your own beehives?  Temporarily hire our beehives during pollinating season and enjoy the increased yields with minimal hassle to you.  

  • We attend the site and ensure that it is suitable for bee pollination.  
  • We find a location that is ideal for the bees but also of minimal hassle to you and your team.  
  • We deliver the beehives to your location (recommend everyone stays away from the beehives for the first 24-hours).  
  • We regularly check and maintain the hives to ensure that they are at optimum performance.  
  • We suggest two hives per acre of crop.  
  • cost of only $100 per hive per month, and we take care of the rest.  
  • Hassle-free, small investment (as it’s usually only one month that the services are required) and watch up to a 60% increase in the yield of your crop.  

*Please contact us for a quote on properties outside of the Perth Region.  

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