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Beekeeping is very rewarding, not only are the bees great for your gardens, fruit, flowers and vegies, but the reward of honey is certainly sweet. 

First, there is preparing the wood.  You have to make the bee boxes that you want to keep the bees in.  You need to treat the wood as it will be a high moisture content, but not with anything that will harm bees. 

Danny Bee Good Bee Farm offer the ability to purchase or hire our beehives! 


Being a Beekeeper in Perth comes with great responsibility, it is very important that you familiarise yourself with disease management process, such as quarantine and safe handling practices. Reach out to the team at the Danny Bee Good Bee Farm and head to


The technical term for a beekeeper is an Apiarist. Our founder, Danny comes from a family of Apiarist’s and is a member of WAAS

Danny has been beekeeping all his life and takes great pride in the preservation of various bee species. Bees can unfortunately make other bee colonies sick and Danny is very passionate about ensuring this does not happen. 

Backyard Bee Keeping

Would you like a beehive in your garden?  Imagine waking up to see bees coming and going form your very own beehive! 

Danny Bee Good can help:

  • You can purchase a beehive for yourself to maintain.
  • We can have a hive(s) placed in your garden and maintain them for you.

As collectors of swarms, we collect a large number of beehives in a relatively short space of time.  This means that we need locations to put our beehives either on a temporary or more permanent basis.  

When collecting a swarm and placing them into a pre-made bee box, we need to put them through our quarantine process.  

What this means is that no new swarm that is collected is brought within a certain distance of our other hives until we can confirm that it is not a carrier of any disease.  

This means we are always on the lookout for ideal properties across Perth to place our new beehives.  

Bee Facts 

What should you do if you find Bees?

  • Do NOT panic. The majority of the time when bees swarm, they have filled themselves up with honey prior to taking flight. They are full, placid and just hanging out looking for a new home. 
  • Just walk away slowly.
  • Phone us straight away

Bees are on the decline around the world. There are many reasons for this, but one is due to disease. 

  • Save the Bees. 
  • If bees die out, so do we. 
  • We need bees to pollinate our food. 
  • They play perhaps one of the most important roles in our survival. Look after bees and they will look after us.

The challenge that Perth faces, is the overwhelming new interest in beekeeping. 

This is great. As fellow beekeepers, we are excited about this development. We are equally horrified by it, (some estimate 500% increase in the last 3 years), this also puts a strain on the industry as the likelihood of disease is far more likely to spread. 

Without proper knowledge about keeping bees and identifying disease, we know that disease is going to become a lot more common in Western Australia. 

It’s important to have your bees collected by professionals who understand bio-security measures and can recognise disease and feral bees straight away.

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