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Termite Pest Control Perth 

Swatapest has been providing professional termite treatments in Perth for over 15 years.   

Treating your home for termites is not just a matter of obtaining a few quotes and picking the cheapest one.  The reason for this is not every chemical will work in every soil condition or every home’s construction.  Every chemical has its place in the market and is designed for a particular type of situation but not every situation.  

A recent survey carried out by our company showed that over 50% of the houses that have been attacked by termites were “covered” or supposed to be protected with the termite barrier.  It’s vitally important that you match the chemical to your particular home, otherwise you could just be wasting your money.  This is why any quote given, site unseen, is a gamble and one certainly not worth taking.  

To provide an effective termite perimeter treatment, all termiticides today must bond to soil, where the chemical sets and creates a continuous termite barrier under and around your home.  

Any chemical applied in the cavity wall (this practice was banned over 20+ years ago), will only last a couple months. All the chemicals manufactured today must bond to soil in order to remain effective.  

For homes with a subfloor, we carry out a blanket spray to all soil surfaces under your home, particularly focusing on the foundation and other penetration areas.  

 Some companies solely treat just around the foundation to save money, but this has proven to be ineffective as termites can create their own mound up to the timber floor above. So, we carry out a combination blanket spray, as well as around the foundation access points to your home above.  

For all homes, a treatment zone is applied around the perimeter of the home. This can be done in a number of different ways, which our technician will explain when they carry out the obligation-free assessment and quotation for your home. 


Termites are most active during the hotter months of the year and cause a considerable amount of damage every single day all across Australia.  It is now estimated that the repair bill is into the hundreds of millions of dollars every single year.  

Termites now cause more damage to Australian homes than storms, fires, and burglaries combined, which is why no insurance company in Australia will cover you for damage caused by termites.

Termite Control

The best termite control is prevention. We offer  the highest levels of protection against a future termite attack with any of our treatment zone options. Knowing that no insurance company will cover your home for termite damage, termite control is imperative to every homeowner. 

The cost of termite prevention versus the cost of damage is insurmountable. Our  expert team will be able to provide your home with a quality Termite Management Program to suit your home and protect you for years to come.   

Swatapest Offer:

A guarantee that the work we carry out will be of the highest standard and done right the first time. 

Termite Treatment Cost

Termite treatment costs vary – for a detailed, obligation-free quote, contact us today. 

When it comes to the cost of termite treatments, people should be aware there is a cost difference in chemicals from cheap chemicals to the proper, expensive, yet highly effective chemicals. 

If you go for the cheapest quote, do you think they are really using the expensive or best chemical, or do you think they are using a cheap inferior product? The cost difference between the cheapest products on the market and the most effective is 1800%!  

Every single day we are competing against companies that are quoting the really good expensive products for below cost price. We’ve recently come across other companies work, where the way in which they treated the home was banned over 20 years ago (and even more shockingly, will NOT work because of the way the products have been designed today). 

You are putting your 100% faith and trust in the knowledge, work and expertise of the pest technician that treats your home.  

At Swatapest we pride ourselves on our honest expert advice and superior quality work. 


  • Guarantee that the chemical we install will last the length of time as stated on the manufacturer’s label (providing no alterations are breaches to the barrier).  
  • Most companies require you to have an annual top-up every year to keep any warranty – whereas we will provide you with a warranty for the full term (as we will be carrying out the treatment correctly the first time).  
  • Promise that we will apply the chemical that we have quoted
  • Promise that we will mix the chemical in the tank correctly (as per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Promise that we will apply the correct amount of chemical in and around your home as stipulated by the manufacturer’s – (no corners cut)
  • Promise that we will carry out your treatments to the highest of standards.  
  • Promise that we will treat your home as if it were our own, with respect and care taken at all times.  

Termite Inspection

Termite inspections are the best way to determine how your building needs to be treated and always an important part of purchasing any new property. If you haven’t had a termite inspection for a couple of years, or you’re concerned you may have termites at your property, for your peace of mind, contact us today to book a termite inspection in Perth.  

Swatapest Termite Inspections:

∙      Pre-purchase building and pest inspection

∙      An obligation-free, onsite visit to work out the best products to use, to suit your particular circumstances and home’s construction.

Finding Termites Where No Other Pest Company Can

Termites munching away at your home or business? Leave them to Swatbot – Swatapest’s exclusive, cutting-edge termite inspection and treatment solution! Using advanced technologies, Swatbot’s real-time inspections of hard-to-reach areas evicts termites hidden in spaces inaccessible to human technicians. Say goodbye to termite troubles with the Swatbot.

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