Types Of Ants In Perth

No ant is a welcomed guest in your home, however, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. Different types of ants in Perth can cause a variety of distinct issues. We’ve put together a list of the most common ants you’ll find in Perth and the damage they can cause, so you know what you’re up against.

Common Types Of Ants In Perth

Below are the common types of ants found in the wider Perth region:

  1. Fire Ants
  2. Black House Ants
  3. Bulldog Ants
  4. Coastal Brown Ants
  5. Argentine Ants
  6. Pennant Ants
  7. Black African Sugar Ants

Fire Ants

Appearance:  Fire ants have dark abdomens with copper brown coloured heads, medium-sized ranging from 3.2 to 6.4 mm

Damage: known to attack in large numbers, bites often cause severe reactions, from red pimply bumps that sting, to severe allergic reactions that can attack your nervous system, causing loss of breath, dizziness, and consciousness, resulting in hospitalisation.

Can be found in: infested garden nurseries or landscaping, indoors

Attracted to: dead animal carcass, fruit and other food waste

Black House Ants

Appearance: Black House ants are entirely black, measures 2.5 to 3 mm

Damage: known to ruin food storage facilities, with the ability to spread Salmonella bacteria, also considered a plant pest

Can be found in: kitchens, rubbish, near pathways

Attracted to: sweet food, plants or seeds

Bulldog Ants

Appearance:  Bulldog ants are black or red colouring, gigantic, they can be up to 18 to 20 mm in size

Damage: gives repeated painful stings, in particular when nests are threatened, considerably aggressive. A Bulldog ant’s sting is worse than its bite, as it pumps proteins and histamine venom into you. These are not the kind of proteins you want in your system!

Can be found in: bushes, outdoors

Attracted to: known to eat dead or live bugs, fruit and plant nectar

Coastal Brown Ants

Appearance:  Coastal Brown ants can vary in colour from light yellow to dark brown, rather small at 1.5 – 2.5 mm, colony members are winged

Damage: considered as agricultural pests

Can be found in: lawns, gardens and dry soil, or even buildings

Attracted to: oily food and meat, fruit and sweet fare

Argentine Ants

Appearance: Argentine ants are dark brown, small, 2.2 to 2.8 mm

Damage: bites, can ruin food supply and spreads germs

Can be found in: moist environments, under debris and rubbish, as well as within home foundations

Attracted to: remnants of food, in addition to live or dead insects

Pennant Ants

Appearance: Pennant ants are light yellow-brown coloured, with black abdomens, and an average size of 4mm

Damage: rarely cause damage, but can cause a nuisance by blocking sprinklers or as a general garden pest

Can be found in: rotting wood or logs, under tree bark or in plant stems, rarely found indoors

Attracted to: pet food or barbeque areas 

African Black Sugar Ants

Perth is currently facing an invasion of an exotic ant known as the African Black Sugar Ant. First detected back in January 2020, in Maddington, they have since spread along the public transport corridors from Forrestfield to North Fremantle. The good news is according to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, they aren’t harmful to humans or pets. However, they do pose a significant threat to our environment.

Appearance: African Black Sugar ants are shiny dark brown, ranging from 2- 3 mm in length.

Damage: known to harvest plastic and infest electrical boxes and components, causing damage to infrastructure.

Can be found in: bushland habitats, outdoors

Attracted to: plastic, other insects and small vertebrates

Ant Control Perth

Have you found any of these ants around your Perth home? Get in contact with SWAT-A-PEST today for a quote on ant control for your Perth home.

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