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Pet Friendly Pest Control

By using the latest in pest control techniques and treatments we are able to ensure pet friendly pest control in Perth. The pest is our target, not your furry & furless family members. 

Swatapest use baits that are not going to cause secondary poisoning and security of baits and placement is as important the eradication of the pest, as much as it is to keep your pets and children safe. 

Pest Control Packages

Our range or Platinum Life packages keep your home pest free year-round. This means we are using 1/3 of the chemical and completed the job in 1/3 of the time ordinarily taken during a normal treatment. The other benefit to you is you only pay 1/3 of the price you would ordinarily pay and remain generally pest free all year long. 

Swatapest expert team will always guide you through the most natural solutions and preventions. 

Safe Pest Control

Swatapest provide safe solutions to homes, offices, shops and commercial spaces that have pest infestations across Perth W.A.

We understand the importance of keeping your loved ones safe and that’s why we always offer the friendliest solution. In an aim to be as environmentally friendly and safe as possible, we have also developed the Platinum Life Programme. This Programme is aimed for homes and offers a range of pest control packages to keep your home pest free year-round. 

Prevention is always better than cure, which also means less chemicals need to be used, which is always a better option. 

Swatapest are a family owned and operated business with a wealth of experience. We pride ourselves on using the latest pest control technology and providing honest advice. Your home and family’s health come first. 

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