What To Do If You Find Termites In Your House

Pest control expert inspecting a kitchen for common household pests

We’ve all heard the horror termite stories, small but deadly forces that have the potential to disturb the structural integrity of buildings. It’s no wonder why many clients feel a sense of panic when they notice signs of termite damage including: 

  • Mud tubs (long brown tubs). 
  • Peeling paint that resembles water damage.
  • Tiny, pinpoint holes in drywall.
  • Hollow scampering/scratching noise. 
  • Very squeaky floorboards. 

When you see termites in your home or office, there is no need to panic, but you do need to act accordingly to prevent any further damage. So what should you do? 

Termites In Your House

Do not disturb them! Termites are survivalists and will quickly move to another area of your house or go into hiding if you try to disturb them. Two common mistakes that clients make include: 

  • Using insect spray. When using surface spray, you’ll only kill the surface termites. As a result, the termites will sense the danger and re-locate.
  • Blocking their nest. When a termites nest is blocked, they’ll go into hiding making finding them in the future more difficult. 

Termites are like spies, they’ll go into hiding and become more difficult to locate if they are found. Avoid exacerbating the problem by booking an appointment with your pest control specialist today.

What if I have already disturbed them? Don’t panic if you’ve already used at home treatments, as there are a range of options available. It’s essential that you get in contact with your local pest control specialist as soon as you can. It’s also important that you keep your family members and pets away from the termite infestation. 

Termite Treatment Perth

So how do termite treatments in Perth work? 

Swat-A-Pest uses the latest range of technology to identify and treat termites. This includes the use of the non-invasive, Termatrac T3i tool, that has moisture, thermal and radar detection technology to identify infestations. We then use specific chemicals that the termites will carry back to their nests. Swat-A-Pest can also set-up a chemical barrier to prevent future termite infestations. 

The takeaway is to stay calm and book a termite inspection if you see termites in your home or garden. If you have a termite infestation, contact the team at Swat-A-Pest today.

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