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Swatapest is the leading Bee removal company for Perth, Western Australia.  Unlike the majority of other pest control companies, we are also certified Beekeepers! Our founder and managing director is a second-generation Apiarist’s and is a member of WAAS.

When it comes to bee removal in Perth and surrounding areas, Swatapest offers the full range of options, guaranteeing to remove the bees away from your family with just one phone call.

Because bees play such an important role in our environment, at Swatapest we have a unique approach to removing beehives across Perth.

Bees play a very important role in our environment but unfortunately are on the decrease around the world so it is absolutely vital that everything is done to protect the Honey Bee population here in Perth.  

How To Get Rid Of Bees


Our Primary Objective:  

We will attempt to save the bees.  Whether you have a beehive or a bee swarm, we will do everything we can to transfer them into one of our special bee boxes. 

Our custom-built, specially designed bee-box gives bees a temporary home until we can make the full transfer into a permanent beehive box.  It is our primary objective to save the bees if at all possible.

Plan B:  

Some situations and locations will make the transferring of bees impossible and in these situations, we use an alternative method.  

Instead of killing bees at their hives where it’s too complicated, we’ve come up with our own unique formula mimicking a pheromone telling the bees to leave the area.  

This keeps your family and the bees safe as the bees leave to another location, usually some distance away.

Last Resort: 

If the bees on your property are of a feral species, with our pest license, we can instantly eliminate the Feral Bees – protecting not only you but our local Honey Bee population as well.

Most pest companies will just kill the precious bees, which is not only horrible for the bees, it is also not the best solution for our environment or our future.

Bee Facts

Here are some bee facts. As well as introduced bee species, Australia has a wide range of native bee species. Some are only found in certain areas. Australia has eleven species of small black Stingless Bees. They are about 4 mm long which is much smaller to the European Honey Bee.

In Western Australia common native bees are:

  • Stingless Bees
  • Yellow & Black Carpenter Bees
  • Reed Bees
  • Blue Banded Bees  
  • Teddy Bear Bees 
  • Leafcutter Bees
  • Resin Bees
  • Homalictus Bees 
  • Masked Bees


Some Bee-keepers will offer to come and collect the bees for you.  From the feedback we’ve received, often they never turn up or when they do, the bees are not the species they want or it’s too difficult.  

This not only wastes your valuable time but potentially puts your family at risk as now even more time passes before the potential hazard can be sorted.

We have partnered with Danny Bee Good Bee Farm, a bee farm which helps to find a safe place for the bees while they go through their quarantine process. Once they have passed, and are proven not to be carrying any disease, they are then taken to properties with fruit and other natural flowering trees and plants.

Danny Bee Good Bee Farm also has beehives people can hire and purchase for their garden. 

Bee Swarm

Found a Bee Swarm?

  • Do not panic.
  • Go inside and close all doors and windows
  • Phone Swatapest immediately on 9277 0960 (during business hours 8:30-4:30) or on our emergency after-hours phone number 0411 808 383

The bees more than likely gorged themselves with honey prior to leaving their hive so they may not be as aggressive as they look, but stay inside just to be safe. Swatapest will be there shortly to save you.

Take Note – 

  • Do not delay.  
  • A swarm cluster will last for a short period of time until they find a new home.  
  • The bee swarm will have sent out scouter bees looking for a place close by to call home. 
  • Once they move in, it is much more difficult to remove and depending on where they choose it could prove disastrous.  

For example, if they choose a cavity wall in your home, you will more than likely have bees every summer as future bee swarms will be attracted back to your wall.  

To avoid forever having issues with bees, phone us straight away.

Bee Removal Cost

Bee removal cost can vary, depending on your property and the issue. 

  • Swarm (just arrived) – $380.00
  • Established hive ground level – $380.00
  • Established hive – at height – ladder required (up to 4 metres) – $380
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