Bird Control Perth

pigeons common pest in perth
pigeons common pest in perth


Bird control in many areas around Perth is essential. Birds are a known nuisance, with pigeons being the top bird pest as they will nest or roost within buildings and roofing. This can make a building look unsightly due to their droppings. 

Birds also carry many harmful diseases, which is why effective bird control is essential.

For effective bird management in Perth homes, deterrence is always preferable to removal. There is a wide range of proofing options available for bird management in Perth and many professionals available to help. 

Swatapest offers a bird deterrence solution. To discuss your needs and our options, contact our team directly. 

Bird Damage

Birds will damage buildings due to the highly corrosive nature of the acid found in their droppings. Debris from a roosting flock begins to build up which causes gutters and drains to become blocked, which can create a potential fire hazard. 

They are able to cause extensive damage to air-conditioning units within a building.

Problems and health risks associated with birds are:

  • Attracting ticks
  • Attracting mites
  • Attracting cockroaches
  • Attracting rats
  • Can cause extensive damage to air-conditioning units

People have died from cleaning pigeon faeces with no respirator. They also pose a public liability risk through the possibility of someone slipping on faeces.

If you have a bird control problem, contact our friendly and experienced team at Swatapest today on 9277 0960. We are here to help!

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