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Ant Pest Control

Having good ant pest control is just as important as control for Mr. Roach and any member of the rodent family. Ants are notorious for damaging things when they are living in large colonies, from damaging plumbing to eating the grout between your tiles and invading your pantry. Our professional pest control technicians provide comprehensive ant pest control in Perth.

Swatapest provide:

  • Ant Management
  • Ant Removal
  • Ant Treatment 
  • Ant Eradication

Swatapest uses the latest ant pest control technology and eco-friendly techniques, ensuring your Ant problem will be under control in no time. 

Ants are generally harmless, but many people suffer from rashes and swelling due to ant bites or stings. So it is important to engage in a professional pest control company, like Swatapest to control and eradicate your ant problem.

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    Ants Perth

    Ants are a very social insect. They live within a permanent colony nest, ranging from a few dozen ants to millions. An ant nest can be found within a variety of places. You can locate nests in soil, under pavers, amongst rocks, in wall cavities, in rotting logs or even high up in trees. Ants are able to damage paving structures by removing sand from underneath bricks and concrete for nesting purposes. Within a colony, it contains a winged queen or in some instances a couple. A queen’s only function is to maintain her colony by solely laying eggs. Some queens will live for many years and lay millions of eggs within that time.  Foraging ants are a nuisance as they are able to travel large distances in search of food. Ants are also capable of spreading disease as they forage in rubbish bins, decaying foods and then travel into your kitchen.

    Even a clean kitchen or pantry is able to provide ants with a ready-made food source. Summertime is always the most problematic season for ants. They are out in force ants-swarming building up their numbers and storing food within their colony to be able to nest in the colder months. An interesting fact with ants is that they don’t have any ears. They “hear” by feeling the vibrations in the ground through their feet. Ants are also able to lift up to 20 times their own body weight. What an amazing feat!

    Ant Treatment Perth

    If you’re having issues with ants, Swatapest has a range of ant treatments for all species of ants.

    Whether they are slowly sinking your pavers or taking over your bathroom and kitchen, we will be able to eliminate the problem, without causing harm to your home and family.  

    Our expert team will treat all visible ant nests as well as create a barrier around your home. From termites to those annoying little sugar ants, Swatapest have you covered. 

    We provide an easy online payment system, allowing you to take charge of your ant problem 24/7.  Simply place your order online, send us your suggested date and time, and we will reply back to you within 24 hours to confirm your ant treatment.

    Ant Pest Control

    Using a variety of baits, we will match the best bait possible for the specific species of ant plaguing your home, ensuring the problem ceases.

    Take a look at our Platinum Life Programme, as we offer a range of packages for year-round protection form a wide range of pests.

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