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preventive pest control perth
preventive pest control perth

Termite Barrier Treatment 

Swatapest have been providing termite barriers and termite treatments in Perth for over 15 years.   

Treating your home for termites with a termite barrier is a must have to protect your home from unnecessary damage and excessive repairs. Perth homeowners have trusted Swatapest to provide thorough and comprehensive termite barriers. As an industry leader in pest control, you can count on us to provide the best termite barriers available on the market.

Termites or ‘White Ants’ are a major cause for concern here in Perth. Imagine your house being torn apart, sometimes without you even knowing until it’s too late! A termite barrier is a must have to protect your home in Perth.

Chemical Termite Barriers

New homes typically have a physical termite barrier installed during construction. However, to prevent termites entering existing homes, a professional pest control technician may utilise a variety of chemical termite barriers, including: 

  • Class 1 Repellent: Termite barrier repellents are designed to be detected by termites so that they stay well away. However, a major downside to this method is that the termites will also be able to detect where the repellent hasn’t been applied, and exploit these areas.
  • Class 2 Non-Repellent: Termite barrier non-repellents are undetectable by termites, and designed to kill by contact. Any termites that cross into the termiticide treated areas will die. This is the chemical termite barrier the team at Swatapest utilise.

How Long Does A Termite Barrier Last?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, how long does a termite barrier last?

All too often we see the harmful effects of negligent work by inexperienced contractors. A quick perimeter treatment will never achieve long lasting results. In fact, a simple topical spray will only last 2-3 months at best! 

Likewise, we often encounter contracts that claim a full inspection was carried out but make no mistake, an inspection is not a termite barrier treatment. Our termite barriers in Perth routinely last 5 to 8 years and will only need to be applied at the end of the termite barrier’s life. The only reason a termite barrier should be reapplied prior to the expiration of the treatment, is if the area is disturbed or damaged in some way.

pest control technician performing termite barrier in perth

Termite Barrier Cost

To give you the best possible value, Swatapest will only provide a quote once we have done a thorough inspection of your property. To protect your home, we need to factor in the size, time and products required before we can provide a quote on the termite barrier cost. 

We can however tell you that a termite barrier treatment, on average, is substantially cheaper and less stress free than a full termite extermination. Once the termite barrier is applied, you’ll receive a certificate and accompanying paperwork for your peace of mind.

Remember, our barriers are designed to last and are a periodic investment every 5-8 years.

What Should I Expect From My Chemical Termite Barrier?

There are a range of termite prevention and treatment options on the market, however not all are designed to work in every condition. The reality is that termite barriers are intended to bond onto soil so they can cure and provide a continuous barrier. As such, a comprehensive approach is required to be carried out. That’s where our expertise and industry experience come in!

The Swatapest difference is that we know how termites behave! Our experience has shown that termites are attracted to moisture and mould which is why our strategy is focused on targeting these key areas. Think about your downpipes, hot water systems and exterior Air Con vents, these are all major weak points that we aim to address.

Our technicians also focus on other vulnerable areas such as:

  • Tree stumps and other suspect timber
  • Drilling and applying termite barriers into concrete slabs and pavers
  • A blanket spray on homes with a subfloor
  • The foundation and other penetration areas where termites can enter

Swatapest’s commitment to protecting WA homes is second to none. If you’ve noticed signs of damage or are unsure about when your last termite inspection was carried out, contact us today to talk to an expert and protect your home.

Finding Termites Where No Other Pest Company Can

Termites munching away at your home or business? Leave them to Swatbot – Swatapest’s exclusive, cutting-edge termite inspection and treatment solution! Using advanced technologies, Swatbot’s real-time inspections of hard-to-reach areas evicts termites hidden in spaces inaccessible to human technicians. Say goodbye to termite troubles with the Swatbot.

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