Preventive Pest Control Perth

preventive pest control perth
preventive pest control perth

Year-Round Pest Protection

Investing in preventive pest control for your Perth property will ensure you’re completely covered with year-round pest protection. Our climate creates the perfect environment for different pests to flourish throughout the year, so we’re never truly free from these annoying, potentially dangerous intruders!

No one likes creepy critters crawling around their property – and if you spot something in your house this likely means there’s plenty more where it came from! Preventive pest control maintains a safe and healthy environment for the people and pets in your home, by ensuring inspections and treatments are regularly performed.

Proactive Vs. Reactive Pest Management

Most pest management is carried out reactively. You see a few cockroaches, or ants, or mice, and call pest control to get rid of the problem. However, this reactive approach means adult pests have already established a base in your home, and where there’s one or two, there may be many more. This method of pest control is expensive and inefficient, as it requires deeper investigations to locate the source of infestations, and much more product and time spent to eliminate the problem.

Investing in a proactive system of pest control means as the seasons change, your house and property are regularly inspected and treated for all types of bugs and vermin that may be looking to turn your home into theirs. You can choose plans to suit your location and particular pest control requirements, to ensure your home is kept pest-free all year long.

Part of our pest control maintenance services offered at Swatapest include rat control, ant control, termite control including an annual termite inspection, and spider control. One of the most important of these will be termite control, as termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes throughout Perth each year. This kind of destruction isn’t covered by house insurance, which is just another reason why proactive pest control is so vital to a safe home.

Benefits Of Routine Pest Management

Undertaking routine pest management not only keeps your home free from unwanted creepy crawlies and dangerous insects, but it’s significantly more cost-effective than a one-off service.

By having us regularly inspect your property, we can catch infestations before they have a chance to take hold, by removing eggs and spraying effective insect repellent around the edges of your home and property.

This benefits you by keeping your home pest-free and saving you money, and it benefits the environment by having fewer chemicals being sprayed to achieve optimum pest control.

Pest Protection Plan

To maintain a pest-free home, it’s a great idea to invest in an ongoing pest protection plan. Pest maintenance plans should usually include routine or seasonal inspections, spraying, and safe setting of various traps. 

Ongoing pest management plans are a great way of eradicating critters before they become an infestation, and will provide you with year-round protection and peace of mind.

Platinum Life Client Program

At Swatapest, we proudly offer a Platinum Life Client Program to anyone looking to invest in a pest-free home. We have a range of options to choose from depending on your specific pest control needs, wherever you’re located in Perth. We’ll perform routine maintenance throughout your home and property, to take care of pests ranging from spiders and house flies, to rats and mice.

Our range of plans differentiate between the specific pests targeted, and how frequently inspections take place. For more information on this service, check out our Platinum Life Client Program page.

preventive pest control perth

Preventive Pest Control Cost

With pest control costs starting from $22 per month, we have pricing to suit any budget and property size. We also offer a range of discounts on termite inspections and pest treatments to start your plan with a bang!

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