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White Ant Treatment Perth

White ant treatment otherwise known as termite treatment or wood pest treatment requires specialised inspection prior and the right chemical to match your home. Swatapest use the most up-to-date white ant treatment methods in Perth combined with the Termatrac T3i. 

The only effective termiticides must bond with soil. This allows the chemical to set and provides a continuous white ant barrier under and around your home. 

The Termatrac T3i is a 3-in-1 inspection tool that uses moisture detection, and thermal and microwave technology to conduct inspections without the use of invasive methods that traditionally would hack your home apart. 

White Ants 

White Ants like to live in large colonies. They are wood eating insects and cause damage to wooden flooring, furniture and wooden structures in a surprisingly short period of time.

What Is The Difference Between White Ants And Termites?

White Ants is simply another name for Termites. People call them White Ants because of the way that they look. They are in fact one and the same.   

White Ant Pest Control

Keeping up to date with your White Ant pest control prevents a costly disaster. The damage caused to a home by White Ants often ranges in the tens of thousands of dollars and upwards of 100 thousand. 

The damage caused by White Ants in Australia equates to more than storms, fires, and burglaries combined, which is why no insurance company in Australia will cover you for damage caused by White Ants.

Our Platinum Life Packages keep your home free from pests for as little as $26 per month. This is a general pest inspection, with the option to add an annual termite inspection for an additional $11 per month. This provides you with peace of mind knowing termite activity will be caught prior to major damage being done, and should you need a termite barrier we will quote you accordingly.

White Ant Treatment Cost

If you think your home has White Ants and you need to book a treatment, please contact our office to arrange a quote, as this is site specific. 

White Ant Inspection 

Swatapest uses the most up to date methods and technology. This allows us to detect infestations, rogue White Ants and potential issues such as moisture. 

White Ant Inspection Cost

Swatapest offer a range of different White Ant Inspection packages. Pricing starts from $220.00 for an annual White Ant check carried out to AS3660.2 standard. For an additional $45.00 to $240.00 we can also include spiders, ants, cockroaches and rodents. 

Pre-Purchase White Ant Inspection

When purchasing any home, it is imperative to have a pre-purchase White Ant inspection carried out. Always insist to have this done by a company of your choice and make sure it covers everything. 

It is the seller’s responsibility to pay for this, however there are some things they do not have to disclose or repair.   It is the purchasers responsibility to choose a company and pay for an inspection. 

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has a clause called the ‘Timber Pest Pre-Purchase Inspection Clause’; this standard clause was drafted to be added into every building and sale contract.

The wording on your contract could make all the difference!

Many real estate agents still make the purchase of a home subject to a White Ant clearance certificate.

  • What is a White Ant Clearance Certificate?  
  • Does it include inspecting the roof space?  
  • Does it include the subfloor?  
  • Does it include the wet areas inside the home?  
  • Does it involve just the interior or the exterior of the home as well?  
  • What about the garage or the workshop?  

Without a clear standard for what a ‘White Ant clearance certificate’ includes, how are you as the purchaser, supposed to know what was actually inspected and/or whether you should still buy the house?

Is making the offer subject to the Australian Standard inspection enough protection for you as the purchaser? 

Well, this depends on what else is mentioned in the clause. 

Our advice is, Do NOT sign any purchase documents that are subject to a White Ant Clearance Certificate!!!

The team at S&D Settlements have helped us in preparing a clause to protect you as the purchaser. Contact us for more information.

A pre-purchase timber pest and building inspection is the best purchase you will make when buying your dream home. It protects you and your investment

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