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Professional Rat Control For Perth Homes and Businesses

Rodents such as mice and rats can be an unhygienic nuisance, especially if they’re making their way inside. At Swatapest, we provide expert rat control throughout Perth, removing rodents safely and humanely. Once the infestation has been cleared, there are a few things you can do to prevent them coming back.

How To Get Rid Of Rats:

How to get rid of rats? Firstly, always deter rats by keeping your garden clean and tidy, as this is often where infestations start. Some tips are:

  • Avoid placing bird baths in your garden
  • Ensure you have no dripping taps in the garden
  • Keep compost bins secure
  • Seal gaps in external walls

When it comes to rat control in Perth, it’s always best to engage a professional. Using store-bought baits is often a waste of money as the rats avoid them and they can pose a risk to your children, fur babies, and native wildlife. 

Learn About Rats 

Rats are very timid, ‘shy bait’ is the term given when someone puts rodent bait down (usually from the supermarket or hardware) and the rats don’t even touch it. 

Rats urinate on their food source as a way for them to mark it as ‘safe’.  You introduce a new food source (over-the-counter rodent bait) and it will take some time before they will try it and deem it ‘safe’.  

Rats drop tiny amounts of urine as they run.  Rats see in the UV spectrum, so we can’t see it, but it’s there, they see it and follow the same pattern each night.

Their teeth grow daily, so they have to gnaw on surfaces to file down their teeth.  They have been known to cause extensive damage to timbers, plumbing, electrical, ducting… worst case we have seen is over $100,000 damage to a commercial premise in one weekend.

They spread multiple diseases and are known to be the main carrier of the bubonic plague.  

Roof Rats

Roof rats are very common in many Perth suburbs, they are a creature of habit.  If it’s above your room at 1am, chances are it will be back at 1am the next day. 

In Perth, roof rats are one of the most common rodents found in the home. Listen for noises, often you can hear them gnawing and scratching. Look for stains on your ceiling plaster and brown rub marks on walls. 

Roof rats love fruit trees, nuts, berries, avocados, slugs, and snails. They are also food hoarders. 

Rats are great climbers, they scale walls and walk a tight rope, so no matter how impossible you may think it is to have rats in your ceiling, think again. 

Rats In The Garden

Rats in the garden can be another common problem. 

They often chew their way through your vegetables and fruits; make a nest in your compost; and burrow a network of tunnels in your soil.

People often think baiting is the best solution and many council sites suggest this. This issue is, it takes days to kill them if they deem it safe to take. Store-bought baits pose a threat to children, pets and wildlife. It is always best to engage a professional, like Swatapest.

Rats In The House 

People often wonder how they have rats in the house. To give an idea, they can squeeze through the tiniest of holes (about the size of a thumb).

Rats can even swim and navigate through the S-bend in your toilet!

Rats are not fussy eaters and will hoard food. Their faeces and urine contaminate human food.

How To Ensure Rat Control Is Effective

At Swatapest we use the very latest and best rat control available in Perth.

Our bait has UV sprinkled on it, so rats think they’ve already marked it as ‘safe’:

  • This means they go to the bait straight away
  • Eliminates bait shyness completely
  • Eliminates rats faster than any other rodenticide
  • Our bait is as safe for cats/dogs/owls/eagles as it doesn’t have the secondary poisoning effect that ALL other over-the-counter baits have.  
  • Non-bait options

Swatapest also has a wide variety of other options to eliminate rats in the event that your home/commercial premises wouldn’t suit the use of our bait.  

Rat Traps 

Swatapest has our own unique rat traps (rodent stations):

  • Plastic Tamper Resistant 
  • Lockable so no child/pet can access the bait
  • Hardened plastic – designed to last for many years

Rat Control Cost: 

Rat control cost is dependent on what you require:

  • Station costs vary depending on the quantity ordered.
  • Standard Roof Rat Baiting Program – $165

We strategically place rodent bait in the roof space (not in the areas they’ve been seen, but rather in the areas they feel most comfortable eating).

Using lockable tamper-resistant rodent stations, we strategically place rodent stations without bait around the interior of your home.

  • Standard Whole of House/Garage/Outbuildings Treatment – $245
  • Standard Refill of Existing Stations – $165

Using lockable tamper-resistant rodent stations we strategically place rodent stations w/bait in the garage, shed and behind air conditioner/hot water system units

Swatapest also offers all-year-round pest protection with our Platinum Life Client Program

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