Millipede Treatment Perth

millipedes in dirt common pest in perth
millipedes in dirt common pest in perth


Millipedes can be great for the environment, but soon become a pest when they multiply in large numbers. Infestations then require professional Millipede treatment.

 Millipede Infestations often migrate into the house; they love cool, damp places like in cupboards and bathrooms. 

Millipedes are easily killed, but the prevention of future infestations is always a safer option for your fury and furless family members. 

At Swatapest our main objective is to maintain environmental balance while providing safe and effective pest control treatments.   

Our Platinum life programme is one way to prevent yearly infestations from taking over your home and garden.                                   

Millipede Barrier 

When it comes to most pests, prevention is always better than cure. This is where a Millipede Barrier comes in. 

We create a barrier around your home, preventing Millipedes from entering your home and multiplying in massive numbers. 

Millipedes, just like other pests are always better controlled with professional prevention. 


The Portuguese Millipede is Perth’s most common Millipede pest. It was brought to Australia by accident in the 1950’s and can now be found all over Perth and other parts of the Country.  Like the Portuguese Millipede, the black millipede and centipede can also be a pest.


  • are identifiable by their smooth cylindrical body. 
  • When disturbed they will curl up into a tight spiral or will try to escape with thrashing, snake-like movements. 
  • If agitated they will secrete a pungent yellow fluid. 
  • They are 20-44 mm long, with 50 body segments. 
  • They come from a group of animals called Myriapoda, which means many legs.
  • Millipedes tend to live outdoors where they will feed on leaf litter, damp and decaying wood, fungus, mulched garden beds, and vegetable matter. 
  • They will reproduce in autumn to early winter. The female will lay around 200-250 pin-sized, yellowish-white eggs within a hole that they have created in the soil.

Millipedes can play a useful role by breaking down organic matter in soil but can quickly become pests when they reach a high population level.

Millipede Pest Control 

Swatapest Millipede Pest Control:

  • Prevents Millipedes from entering your house
  • Uses safe and natural Millipede Pest Control products
  • Protects your home with a Millipede Barrier

To find out more about our Millipede control and barrier prevention services contact the team at Swatapest today. Our wealth of experience and knowledge will tailor a solution to suit you and your family.

Millipede Pest Inspection

Want to book a Millipede Pest Inspection? Contact our friendly team to arrange an inspection time.

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