Chemical & Physical Termite Barriers: What’s The Difference?

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We’re often asked what is the difference between Chemical & Physical Termite Barriers. Whether you’re seeking to protect a new build or an existing home, termite barriers are required to defend your home against these nightmare pests. Several types of termite barriers are available on the market, with the effectiveness very much dependent on the skills and knowledge of the technician applying the barrier. Ultimately, termite barrier treatments are offered in two distinct varieties, and classed as either being:

  • A chemical termite barrier
  • A physical termite barrier

What Is A Chemical Termite Barrier?

When it comes to installing a termite barrier for existing homes, a chemical termite barrier is required. This option can be used to prevent future termite damage, either after a termite treatment or as a proactive, precautionary measure. To apply the termite barrier, the technician will apply a thorough layer of termite chemical around your property. 

To work effectively, this chemical must bond onto soil, where it can last for up to eight years in ideal conditions. In contrast, a poorly applied chemical termite barrier will only last for two to three months at best.

Chemical Termite Barriers Are Further Divided Into Two Categories:

Class 1 Repellant: This chemical is designed to be detected by termites so that they avoid the area altogether. However, a major downside to this method is that the termites will sense any gaps where the chemical hasn’t been applied and squeeze through.

Class 2 Non-Repellant: This termite chemical (known as a termiticide) is undetectable by termites. As the critters cross the barrier, they’ll come into contact with the termitice, which kills by touch.

What Is A Physical Termite Barrier?

For new home builds, a physical termite barrier is legally required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This barrier needs to be placed around structural elements to prevent underground termite ingress. 

This method involves the installation of a synthetic moisture barrier, which is supplied as a sheet and glued onto the slab and other pipe penetrations. The reason for this is that termites are known to forage far from their nests for food, frequently travelling through brick and concrete in order to reach sources of wood.

Upon successful installation, the overlapping sheets are designed to provide full coverage around the base of a structure. However, as this method requires access to the initial foundation, it can only be applied to new homes or building extensions. 

Termite Barriers Perth

Most Perth homeowners have heard or experienced a termite horror story or two! Unfortunately, Perth conditions are ideal for termites. Our sandy soil and warm, moist temperatures are the perfect home for these nightmare pests. These voracious creatures are notorious for destroying any timber, no matter if it’s in nature, or a densely populated suburban area. This is why termite barriers are so important in the Perth climate.

Leaving your home unguarded can prove to be costly, both in terms of time and money. Likewise, if you’re eyeing your dream property, organising a pre-purchase termite inspection is another smart way of protecting yourself, before you make the biggest purchase of your life! By including well worded clauses in your Offer & Acceptance, should termites be found, the seller must treat them and add a chemical termite barrier for you.

How Much Does A Termite Barrier Cost?  

A professional termite barrier is one of the smartest investments you can make. Any qualified technician will likely only be able to offer a quote after they’ve factored in the size of your property, the materials, and the amount of time required to complete the project. Likewise, chemical and physical termite barriers will also differ in cost.

Keep in mind however, any termite barrier will still cost less than a full termite treatment. Having a proactive outlook when securing your home is vital to protect your investment. Just think about the shock of discovering half your home eaten away!

If you’re unsure of when your last chemical & physical termite barrier was applied, contact the team at Swat-A-Pest for expert advice and to protect your home. 

To learn more about termites and the damage they cause, view additional resources below:

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