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Did you know? 

Pest inspectors are generally not able to fully access up to 50% of Perth homes with a subfloor due to inaccessible crawl spaces.

Many Perth homes have been unable to be thoroughly inspected for termites, rodents, and other pests because your pest control technician wasn’t legally or physically able to inspect these areas (requiring an access hole of 400 x 500mm and a crawling space of a minimum 400mm for safe entry).

Up Until Now!

At Swatapest, we’ve solved this problem with our state-of-the-art termite inspection and treatment technology: the SWATBOT.

With the ability to access a hole of 300 x 175mm and a crawling space of only 175mm, Swatbot can easily navigate subfloors previously inaccessible by human technicians.

Swatbot is equipped with state-of-the-art technology like infrared and thermal imaging and a mind-blowing 4k camera for real-time inspections.

These features enable Swatbot to record mind-blowing videos and photos of hard-to-reach spaces in your house (we’ll even add these to your inspection report at your request)!

If this is your home, this means potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars of repairs.

Swatbot Questions Answered

What do you use the Swatbot for?

In WA, there are thousands of termite inspections carried out every year. Of the homes with a subfloor, approximately half are unable to be fully inspected by human pest control technicians because of limited space!

By introducing the Swatbot, Swatapest can provide thorough termite inspections and treatments plus general pest control to Perth homes and businesses.

Swatapest’s Swatbot is the ONLY technology of this kind in WA, and each of our robots is custom-made to suit the requirements for looking after as many of our clients (YOU!) as possible.

Why can’t you just squeeze under my floor?

Australian Standards dictate that a safe entry for a human to inspect a subfloor must adhere to the following measurements:

  • access hole to be 400 x 500mm
  • crawling clearance a minimum of 400mm

This means human inspectors are unable to access approximately 50% of homes in Australia with a subfloor, leaving owners open to potentially expensive repairs to the damage caused by termites.

Swatbot’s incredible capabilities allow it to effortlessly overcome these limitations imposed by Australian Standards for human inspectors.

How does the Swatbot work?

Without giving away all our secrets, each of our Swatbot robots is fitted with a thermal camera, allowing us to locate even the sneakiest of termites.

Its four offroad-style tyres enable the Swatbot to simply drive over most obstacles it may encounter such as rocks, pipes, beams, or any other debris.

The Swatbot is controlled by the technician (much the same as a remote-controlled car) and can be used anywhere the Swatbot will fit, without the need to adhere to the strict guidelines set by WorkSafe and the Australian Standards.

How do you treat any termites the Swatbot finds?

Our Swatbot does it all! That’s right, if we do indeed locate termites at your house, we’re also able to perform termite treatments by attaching our treatment hose to the Swatbot, and driving it to where it needs to go. This ability to treat hard-to-reach spots is truly a game-changer for our pest control services.

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Book Perth’s Most Thorough Termite Inspection.

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