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Spider Pest Control

When people think of spider treatment, they often just think ‘spider fumigation’. But really, effective spider pest control should include a holistic approach to keeping spiders out of the house. Because spiders hide throughout the day, the use of a professional spider pesticide on its own may not be enough. Swatapest provides a complete spider pest control program for homes and businesses throughout Perth.

Common House Spiders in Perth

The common house spiders in Perth (and species of Australian spiders) will eat a portion of their old web and then re-web each night, this keeps the web in top form. This also enables the spider to eat any prey that has landed in its web.

Some species are harmless to humans, and some are poisonous.  

We have had several clients phone us after it’s too late, after they have been bitten and, in some cases, spent days/weeks in hospital.  

The most common species of poisonous (dangerous) spiders that we have in Western Australia are the White Tail (Whitetip spider) and the Red Back Spider.  Depending on the constitution of the person bitten, it may require medical attention.  

Whilst nobody has died from a Red Back Spider bite in a few years (mainly due to higher understanding an education surrounding the treatment of such attacks) the potential is still there (especially for a child) if left unattended.  

If you have a reaction or have pain from a bite, we strongly recommend that you seek medical attention.  

Spider Pest Control 

Spider pest control is not just about chemicals to keep spiders away. At Swatapest, we use spider habits to fully eradicate spiders from your home.  

Indoor spiders will hide in clothing, shoes, boots, back of cupboards or any other undisturbed area (usually in warm/moist areas).  They will crawl through a crack or crevice or work their way into the roof space through a gap in the light fitting.  

Some pest companies believe in pouring hundreds of liters of chemicals around a client’s home. At Swatapest we engage our brains and use the habits of the spiders against them, to achieve better results without poisoning our clients.

For those of you who don’t like walking into spider webs, or just want to keep spiders away all the time our platinum package provides all-year-round control. 

Spider Pest Control Cost

Spider pest control cost is dependent on individual requirements.  

A spider fumigation process for a house can be as in-depth as you wish.  

  • Outside Only – $230.00 Includes fences, fence cappings, hills hoist, rubbish bins, patios, pergolas, eaves, downpipes, gutters, external walls, outdoor furniture (if requested)
  • Outside Plus Roof – $290.00 An insecticide dust is distributed throughout the roof void (only recommended if eaves are enclosed)
  • Inside Only – $230.00 Treatment to cornices, skirtings, internal windows, and door frames.
  • Outside, Inside Plus Roof – $390 Treatment includes all listed above.

To fully eradicate the problem, we suggest an internal spray, fumigation of the roof and cavity walls as well as an external spray around the outside in all key spider haven areas. 

Contact our highly experienced team to discuss spider fumigations costs. 

Click the link to learn more about our Platinum Life Client Programme.

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