Professional Pest Control vs. Store Bought Bug Bombs

The key differences between professional pest control and D.I.Y store bought pest control are safety and effectiveness.

A Sydney family who nearly died in a home explosion as a result of misusing store bought bug bombs on Easter Sunday, is a clear example of how unsafe store bought pest control can be, particularly when you don’t stick to the manufacturers instruction. 

The main reason people do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions is due to the store bought product’s lack of effectiveness. DIY’ers often believe that by using more, it will have the desired effect. 

The reality is that by adding more than the recommended bug bombs for example, or more store bought pest control chemicals, is that you are still not going to achieve the desired results and you are simply adding chemical residue throughout your homes surfaces, creating an unsafe environment for your family and families pets. 

Easter Sunday’s example is another reason professional pest control is a must, as not knowing where is safe to place chemicals or which chemicals are ok for your home can have disastrous results. In this explosion, too many cockroach bombs and a gas stove caused the family’s home to be destroyed and some of the family members sustained burn injuries. 

They are all very lucky to be alive.

The reason a professional is required to take care of treatments is simply because they are highly trained, they understand what they can and can not do and know how to achieve the desired result, without putting your family and home at risk. We use only the most effective products and our aim is always to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Swat-A-Pest’s Platinum Life Client Program enables you to have regular pest control treatments throughout the year, resulting in less chemicals being used over time and a consistently effective result. This programme is an affordable and safe way to treat your home for pests. 

So don’t feel that you need to resort to supermarket pest control, talk to a professional. 

Contactless Pest Control

Despite the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still operating with full services and have in place, dramatic strict changes to allow us to be fully contactless, including contactless payments.

We come to your home in full protective equipment and new gloves are used at each job and disposed of before leaving the property, so as not to cross contaminate. If you are requiring pest control services during this time, we are here to help and happy to discuss any of your concerns over the phone prior to attending your property. We do not want to see people trying to do treatments themselves and potentially causing harm to their loved ones and homes.

For more information on how we have adjusted our ways of working to ensure you and your family are safe, please see our COVID-19 Policy Update.

Most importantly – stay safe!!!

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