COVID-19 Policy Update

Yes, SWATAPEST is still open for business and carrying out all forms of pest control services to homes/businesses within the Perth/Peel regions.

However, we have changed dramatically the way we carry out treatments to properties during this unprecedented time dealing with the Corona Virus. We appreciate your understanding.

1. Treatments to the inside of your home will only be carried out if absolutely necessary. This means that if you have seen the odd pest coming in from outdoors, we will only treat the outside of your home. Indoor treatments with the odd pest here or there will not be classed as ‘needed’. However, if you do have an infestation inside your home, and if it is deemed as ‘needed’, then we will carry out the treatment inside.

2. Termite inspections – Are classed as ’emergency jobs’, and therefore will be carried out as normal. Albeit, we will be wearing extra protection the entire time we are inside your home.

3. We ask that you stay 3-4 metres away from our technicians whilst they are onsite. Yes, we are aware that this is beyond the suggested measures, but this rule is put in place to allow our technician to roam freely whilst carrying out the service. We want to keep you safe as well.

4. Payments – We can understand the hesitation of paying for a service up-front over the phone, however, our on-the-road system for c/card payments is via an app on our phones. I’m sorry, but there is no way that we are going to hand our phone over to anyone to input their pin number on the same phone that we put up to our face. Therefore, our preferred method would be for payments to be made with our office staff over the phone at the time of booking, however, if you are uncomfortable with that, which is fine, the alternative will be for you to yell out all of your credit card details to us when we are onsite – from a distance. Any cash payments should NEVER be handed directly to us (must maintain a distance at all times), therefore we request that it be put in an envelop some distance away for us to collect. No cash change can be offered.

5. We will be using your outside garden tap to wash our hands/boots prior to departure. We appreciate your understanding regarding this measure.

6. Your receipt/certificate of treatment will be left in your letterbox upon our departure from site.

7. If anyone in the household suffers from a compromised immune system, is in mandatory self-isolation or is feeling unwell in anyway, PLEASE notify us prior to arrival as further safety precautions will be implemented.

Our favourite part of the day is getting to chat and talk to our clients, so this is actually really difficult time for us. We look forward to the day when we can go back to normal, but appreciate your understanding regarding all during this time. Please remember we are still open for business to manage your pest needs.

Most importantly – stay safe!!!

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