Preventing Termites

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They are small, but they are deadly! Termites, also known as white ants, have the ability to eat away at wooden structures, causing disturbance to structural integrity. Not only do termites place you in physical danger, but they also place you in financial danger with most insurance providers not covering termite damage. This is why preventing termites is far more cost-effective than treating termites. Luckily, there is a range of different methods that you can use to prevent termites from entering your home or office. However, if you believe that you might have a termite infestation, read the signs of termite damage in your home

How To Prevent Termites

Preventing termites is all about creating an unfavourable environment. Different ways to create an unfavourable environment include:  

Termites And Moisture

Termites thrive in a moisture-rich environment, which is why it’s important to check for water leaks that could be fueling termites. Common sources of water leaks include: 

  • Leaking taps and showerheads. 
  • Piping and tubes from air conditioners and hot water systems.  
  • Faulty or unkempt gutters. 

As soon as you notice water leaks, damage or dampness, ensure you fix the leak as soon as possible. This may seem costly, but not compared to the cost of treating a termite infestation. 

Bonus Tip: keep sprinklers facing away from your home to prevent moisture from being absorbed in your walls.  

Protect Your Exterior From Termites 

Another way to reduce moisture is to keep your bushes trimmed to allow air to flow between your shrubs and walls. The guideline applies to other common garden objects including: 

  • Garden beds and vegetation.
  • Spas and inflatable pools. 
  • Soil. (The Australian standard requires a 75mm gap between the soil and pathways/ground.)

Bonus Tip: Look after your exterior by checking windows to ensure that there are no leaks.

Termites Physical Barrier

A great way to keep termites out is to build a wall! You can create a termite barrier by: 

  • Using stainless steel mesh under concrete slabs, external walls, floors and walls.
  • Include a layer of granite chips that are too large for termites to move. 

Bonus Tip: Ask about creating a chemical barrier to assist with termite treatment. 

Termite Proofing Materials 

Many people love using mulch for the nutritional benefits for plants, but termites also benefit from mulch. Termites love the moisture-rich mulch that provides insulates them from the heat. Therefore, some alternative to mulch include: 

  • Crushed stone 
  • Pea gravel (other non-organic materials)  
  • Pine needles

Bonus Tip: If you are going to use mulch, only use a couple of inches and make sure it’s kept away from wooden frames. 

Termite Treatment 

We recommend getting professional help with termite inspections and chemical termite treatment.

Bonus Tip: Don’t inherit a termite problem! During the process of buying property, look into pre-purchase pest termite inspection to identify any potentially ‘pesty’ problems. 

We believe that it is far more cost-effective to prevent termites than treat them. We hope the blog provides some useful termite pest control tips. Contact Swat-A-Pest if you need further assistance.

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