Jack Jumper Ant Scare In Perth

Last month, SWAT-A-PEST owner Daniel Bremer discovered seven nests in a Canning Vale property after the homeowner was rushed to hospital twice. These nests homed Jack Jumper Ants (also known as Tasmanian Killer Ants), and Green Headed Bull Ants. Jumping Jack ants prove to be the second most deadly ant in the world by being the single most common cause of anaphylaxis, with approximately 3% of people.. Would you be able to identify a Jumping Jack nest on your property to protect you & your family?

What To Do If You Get Bitten By A Jack Jumper Ant

First of all, seek medical attention, by calling 000 or ask someone to drive you to the Emergency Department of your closest hospital. With this new discovery of the deadly Jumping Jack Ants in the Canning Vale area, homeowners and landlords are advised to be cautious for more nests around Garden Street to Ranford Road and between Warton Road to Nicholson Road, as Jumping Jack ants will travel far from their nests to expand. It is vital to be able to identify and control any nests you find with an experienced professional pest control service such as SWAT-A-PEST, as up to 3% of people may suffer from a severe or fatal reaction or from excruciating pain lasting up to 24 hours from a Jumping Jack ant alone. 

Swat-A-Pest Public Service Announcement

The “PSA – Tasmanian Killer Ants Found in CANNING VALE” Facebook post shared by SWAT-A-PEST warned people about this new threat and was successfully communicated within the Perth community reaching almost 100,000 local residents and 400 shares. It’s great that the community is getting together to spread the word for this issue so Perth’s children and residents are safe from these vicious insects, avoiding unnecessary pain and hospital trips.

SWAT-A-PEST was featured on the front page of the Canning Gazette in February after their Facebook post blew up in shares, warning residents of the infested areas and how homeowner Michelle Vanstien was impacted adversely. Vanstien describes the horror she faced after being bitten and stung from the ants and comparing the pain to childbirth. Other Canning Vale resident who was stung and hospitalised twice by the Jumping Jack Ant told Canning Gazette he was unable to determine the cause of the anaphylactic reaction the first time, leading to his second hospital trip, showing the importance of checking your property to avoid this potential hazard. The West Australian also wrote about the popular social media post and branding SWAT-A-PEST as Perth’s reliable source for insect nest identification and control to ensure your property is safe from infestation and future injuries.

If you feel as if your home and wellbeing is under threat from jumping jack nests, please contact SWAT-A-PEST today to inspect your property and control any pest hazards. Be vigilant around the Canning Vale area and ensure you are able to identify potential threats to your property and community. 

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