The Perfect Rodent Storm – Rat Infestations Set To Increase Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns

rat infestation in rubbish rat control perth

When I was in school as a kid, we went on a field trip to the local nature reserve.  It was exciting because our tour guide was going to be none other than the local weather guy on the news.  It was kind of special, meeting someone in person, who we saw on the news every night.  Even though it was several decades ago, I still remember the question I asked him back then, “What creates the perfect storm?”

It turns out that warm air has to meet cold air at a particular altitude with the right wind speed and the recipe for the perfect storm begins. 

Well, as if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, the stage is set, the ducks are in a row, the external influence rating has been increasing year after year and we find ourselves in a situation at the moment where all the factors for a perfect rodent storm is upon us.    

Perhaps you’ve heard stories about how in New York City, the rats are eating one another because of the lack of food as all the restaurants are shut and the rubbish bins remain empty.   

Perhaps you’ve heard that there are an estimated one billion rats in Sydney at the moment?

What are we finding here in Perth?

Make no mistake about it, the Corona Virus has changed the pest landscape throughout Perth and surrounding suburbs in multiple ways:

Rats rely on food being dumped in rubbish bins throughout the city.  It’s their nightly routine to go to their guaranteed food sources.  When those food sources don’t exist, they now venture out to find new ones.  This means, rats and mice are on the move throughout many residential areas around Perth. 

Businesses have been hit hard with the economic downturn over recent times.  Shops all across the city are closed.  

Many pest control companies we talk to are laying staff off, as their commercial clients can no longer afford to pay to have commercial pest control done.  This is a recipe for disaster.  

At just a rough estimate – it’s likely that more than 100,000 rodent bait stations were not serviced in April across Perth.

During uncertain times, more and more people tend to try to do certain things themselves to save a bit of money.  Over-the-counter rodent bait is not only putting the lives of your pets and your neighbours pets at risk, it’s potency level is such that rodents have to eat more and more bait in order to die. 

Whilst it hasn’t hit yet, many of the factories that create rodent bait are currently shut down due to COVID-19, and we could potentially see a shortage in supply.

All of this is happening at the time we are heading into the colder months of the year, and the rodents look for warm places to nest and hang out, being your home. 

The perfect rodent storm is set and we are already seeing a massive increase in enquiries for both commercial and residential rodent management.  

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