Termite inspections in Perth, Western Australia requires the expert advice of SWATAPEST.  Many large companies will send out a first year apprentice to inspect your new home?  Don’t trust the integrity of your home to a technician that has only seen termites in a text book.  All professionals at SWATAPEST are fully qualified and fully insured to inspect your home.  Every expert has undergone the most stringent of technical learning solutions designed and instituted by the founder of SWATAPEST including having undergone 7 times the minimum requirements for inspections as required by the Australian Standards.  Your home is important to us.  SWATAPEST offers multiple packages in order to suit your needs and your family budget.

Basic Inspection Package:  $175

  • Termite Inspection only
  • 7-8 Page Report – based on our findings
  • Takes 30-40 minutes
  • NOT recommended for pre-purchase inspection

Silver Inspection Package:  $250

  • Timber Pest Inspection – in accordance with AS4349.3-2010 includes:
    • Termite Activity
    • Termite Damage
    • Borer Activity/Damage
    • Fungal Decay/ Wood Rot
  • 12-16 Page Report – based on our findings. Takes 1-2 hours
    • Includes a list of non-chemical recommendations of how to reduce your chances of a termite attack, specifically tailored to the house.
  •  The recommended inspection standard for when buying a home

Gold Inspection Package:  $750

  •  Everything mentioned above in the silver package as well as
    • Sound testing and Moisture testing every accessible timber found inside the home.
    • Inspection for chemical delignification/defibration
    • 20 Page report including colour digital photographs
    • Takes approximately 4-8 hours to complete

Call the expert team at SWATAPEST today on 9277 0960 to book your timber pest inspection for your Perth home.