spider-1There are many various species of spiders throughout Australia. Such an emphasis has been made on spiders being poisonous that we often forget that only a few are harmful. The body of a spider consists of two main body parts. The cephalothorax (fused head & thorax region) and abdomen. The cephalothorax bears 4 pairs of simple eyes and four pairs of legs. This is then divided by a thin segment connecting up to the abdomen which may have four pairs of spinnerets.The habitat of spiders varies if they are either a web builder or a burrowing spider. With a web builder, the nest will be located close to where insects are going to be flying by such as flowers or moist areas. Some web builders will build their web close to the ground so that it is able to catch walking insects. A retreat area for the spider is usually located just off the web within a crevice, rolled leaves or twigs. Species that burrow within soil situate their nests under logs, rocks or in crevices.

Spiders can be valuable to have around the home with them eating insects around your house and garden. They can also be a hazard to children and pets. During the winter months spiders will find sanctuary in a safe warm place around your home to lay their eggs. Once the weather starts to warm up again, they will come out looking for a nice warm place to shelter.pest-control-of-spiders

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