When dealing with pesticides in an environment as important as a food preparation area, it’s important to trust your restaurant to the experts at SWATAPEST.  A recent study found that over 80% of restaurants were paying for pest management services yet still had above ‘acceptable levels’ of infestation within their shop.  SWATAPEST has spent several years researching and trialling different combinations of pest management treatments to find the ultimate integrated pest management system for your kitchen.  SWATAPEST is so confident that we can achieve the results you desire within three months of implementing our unique pest management system that we will offer you our IRONCLAD Guarantee – that should your shop receive a fine from the health inspector for a pest related issue:

  • We will pay the fine in full.
  • We will return all the money you have paid us for the previous 12 months.
  • We will pay another pest manager to look after kitchen for the next 12 months. 

We trust that this will give you peace of mind in the unique pest management system designed by SWATAPEST.  There is no other company in Perth that has implemented the unique SWATAPEST system which is guaranteed to rid your kitchen of pests.  We have established our matchless system at over 100 restaurants/eateries in and around Perth, West Australia and currently have a 99.8% pest free environment across the board. 

For peace of mind and straight forward honest advice from a company you can trust, phone the pest specialists today at SWATAPEST on 9277 0960.