Termite control in Perth, West Australia requires the expert advice of SWATAPEST, because termites now cause in excess of over $1 billion in damage across Australia every single year.  Termite damage repair bills run higher than storms, fires, and burglaries combined which is why your home owners insurance does NOT cover you for termites.  What you can expect from SWATAPEST:

We will provide you with a easy to understand termite protection package which is specifically tailored to your home:· Free Obligation Quote -not from a salesperson, but from the founder of SWATAPEST.  We care about our clients and we want to protect your home the right way. Not every chemical will work in every home.  Chemicals were designed for specific situations, not necessarily every situation.  Don’t trust the integrity of your home to a salesperson!!!Real, honest advice on what will and will not work for your home.  Multiple options to suit your chemical concerns and your family budget.We will always treat your home as though it were our own and it is our company policy to not even provide a quote for a product which will not give you the peace of mind you require.

So, for peace of mind and to alleviate all of your termite control concerns in Perth, West Australia call SWATAPEST today on 9277 0960.

Our 7 Promises to YOU:

We promise to always arrive on timeWe promise to only use environmentally friendly chemicals around your homeWe promise to only use chemicals approved by APVMA around your homeWe promise to leave your home in an equal or cleaner state than we found itWe promise to use fully qualified and insured professionals for the job you are employing us to doWe promise to provide you with a detailed product service sheet, outlining what we have done and what you can   expect in the futureWe promise to provide you with a honest quote for the work being carried out


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