Pest Control Perth


With over a decade of experience, Swatapest have been the trusted experts for pest control in Perth. We can provide effective pest control solutions for all types of pests, including those found in commercial and residential properties.As each property is different, we believe in crafting a tailor-made service that best suits the needs of your home. Our services are designed to be tough on pests and safe for pets and the environment.

Pest Control Perth Southern Suburbs

As our services are fully mobile, we provide pest control solutions to the wider Perth metro region. With a pest control office in Kelmscott, we frequent many of the southern suburbs in Perth such as Gosnells, Myaree, O’Connor and Bibra Lake.
We’ve also provided pest control treatments to many of the homes and businesses in the suburbs surrounding the Perth hills, maintaining a strong client base among the community based there.
Swatapest’s team also works throughout Perth’s northern suburbs for our pest control services.


Residential Pest Control Perth

Protecting your family and home from disease-carrying pests is a must-have! We offer a range of residential pest control solutions across Perth including effective treatments for common household pests such as termites, cockroaches, spiders and rats. In fact, we’ve even taken on deadly pests such as Jack Jumper Ants!
Our pest control treatments are designed to be as safe as possible for your family and pets. We believe in honest, efficient work that won’t disrupt your day or harm your family.

What’s more, there’s no better way to safeguard your home than with our Platinum Life Client Program. This membership program is built around proactive treatments for your home, stopping pests in their tracks before they can become a serious infestation. If you’re concerned by the thought of flooding your home with chemicals, we wholeheartedly recommend this program as a safer and cheaper alternative.

By preventing and exterminating pests before they become a major issue, it cuts down on the number of chemicals used and saves you both time and money. Fewer chemicals mean it’s safer for you, your family and any pets!


Commercial Pest Control Perth

Here at Swatapest, our team have a wealth of experience conducting pest control treatments on commercial properties. As a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified operator, our services have been designed to exceed industry guidelines for food and hygiene standards. This has been in response to the strict fines and guidelines in place for the hospitality industry.
Swatapest is confident that our thorough treatments will eradicate any and all pests within your premises. Our commercial services are frequently employed by restaurants, hotels and other commercial entities. From cockroaches in cafes to termites in strata complexes, we’ve dealt with it all.

We also service properties, such as:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Offices
  • Warehouses

Pest Control Prices Perth

With our convenient online booking system, you can book a preferred time and date for your next treatment. For more information on prices and the species of pests found in Perth, please view our pest control treatment options.

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