Rats & Mice

ratsRats and Mice are both mammals which belong to the rodent family. You are able to distinguish between the two by their size. Mice are commonly smaller than a rat.  Rats are creatures of habit where they will stick to the same path each time in search of food. If a bait station is put down a rat will tend to avoid it due to their fear of anything new. mouse

Mice on the other hand are much more adventurous and will often explore out new places for food. Both Rats and Mice are extremely good climbers and are able to scale through walls, pipework, trees, vines and are able to “tight rope” across cables. They are both accomplished swimmers  and can navigate through your S-bend in your toilet.

Your food is easily contaminated from their urine or faeces, which can be up to 50 droppings per day. Historically rats and mice have transmitted various diseases to humans. Some common know diseases are gastro-intestinal transmissions, salmonella food poisoning and the most sever being the bubonic plague.

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