bed-bugsBedbugs are a small wingless insect which are light brown in colour and are half a centimeter in length. Bedbugs have six legs with a flat oval shaped body. With being flat, this makes it easier for them to hide in narrow cracks & crevices. Once a bedbug has had a blood meal, then they will change colour from light brown to a rust-red.

Bedbugs are a nocturnal insect. This means that they will rest during the day and then become active during the night. Bedbugs like a warm dark environment and will shelter within a variety of locations aroundbed-bugs-on-a-bed your home. Common hiding places for a bedbug is in mattresses particularly along the seams, within bedding, underneath wallpaper that has loosened and within the cracks of wooden floors.

Any household is easily able to become infested with bedbugs. By maintaining a high standard of hygiene, you will be able to eliminate them from spreading throughout your whole home.

If you do suspect and infestation then give our professional team a call on 9277 0960 to arrange a thorough inspection to be carried out on you property.

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