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Ashley Swarts 

Daniel from Swat A Pest always goes out of his way to make sure the job gets done! Very reliable and knowledgeable!

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George Loo

Great service from Daniel and the team. We suspected a rat must have gotten into the roof and died somewhere as it was causing a smell. Daniel was able to find it and dispose of it. Also placed a smell bag to absorb the foul smell. They also followed up with us later to make sure everything was OK. They…

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Tanya Davies

Daniel is an absolute expert when it comes to pest control. Its been over 6 months now and I haven’t seen the return of spiders, cockroaches or mice, thank goodness! Would highly recommend having swatapest on the regular with pest control.

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Matt Latham 

A big thanks to the guys at Swatapest for providing a thorough service be it in the shed or in the roof space there was nowhere to hide for the dodgy 6 and 4 legged filth. Cheers.

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Ben Bechelet 

  Fantastic service from Daniel and team. Their knowledge is exceptional and they do what they can to minimise poison use. Great business, highly recommend.

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